Manduka Pro Lite Yoga Mat Review
Is it Actually Sticky? Or Travel Size?

Manduka Pro Lite Yoga Mat Review | Travel Yoga Mat Review

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The Manduka Pro Lite yoga mat retails for $80. This may seem like a lot of money for a yoga mat, but it’s still less than this mat’s big brother, the Manduka PRO Mat (watch that review here).


The size of this mat feels just right, from the thickness and how long and wide it is. It is 4.7 milimeters thick and it is an inch longer than normal yoga mats.

Manduka Pro Lite ($80)

The Manduka PRO Lite is marketed as travel friendly. It’s thin but sturdy and has a fabric like texture which is Manduka’s proprietary closed cell technology. This special closed cell construction supposedly prevents bacteria, slipping and moisture.

This mat weighs four pounds making it not heavy, but not light either – especially for something marketed as travel size.

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Big problems arose when I put this mat to the sweat test. With the Manduka PRO Lite, I slipped and slid as soon as I got the mat wet. I did not feel like I could safely maintain a downward dog.

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Pros of this mat are its nice long length that comes with a lifetime guarantee just like all Manduka mats. It is somewhat lightweight and it is sticky once broken in.

Cons are that it is pricey at $80 and it does not stay sticky when wet.

The Manduka PRO Lite is my pick for alignment focused yogis who like Iyengar and Hatha and want to travel.

Watch this video review of the Manduka Pro Lite on Youtube here. See all of my top yoga mat reviews.

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Written by: BrettLarkinYoga
Manduka Pro Lite Yoga Mat Review
Date published: 09/29/2015
3 / 5 stars
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