Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Review
Is it Really Non-Slip?

Best in Hot Yoga Mats | Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Review

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The Manduka PRO Mat retails for $108 (did your jaw just drop to the floor too?).

It’s one of the most expensive mat in all these reviews although you can get it for $98 at which has a low price guarantee.

My first impression of the PRO was that it has the fabric-like texture of the Manduka PRO Light Mat (which I’ve already reviewed here) combined with that awesome dry grip of the Gaiam Sol — AKA a really fantastic combination.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 9.19.03 PM

Like all Manduka mats, it needs to be broken in.  Don’t expect this mat to feel insanely sticky right out of the box.

OK, here goes the specs.

The Manduka PRO is a cushy 6 millimeters thick and measure 71 x 26, making it two inches wider than your standard yoga mat.

The material is that fabric-like proprietary Manduka “closed-cell” construction, which prevents moisture and slipping and keeps out bacteria.Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 9.15.00 PM

A downer for me was that the Manduka Pro weighed 7 pounds, making one of the heaviest mat in my whole review. I didn’t even like having on my shoulder momentarily in the above video, let alone carrying it around town.

I was happily surprised that even when wet, this mat stays sticky and safe.

Pros of the PRO (hehe, see what I did there?) is that is has a nice texture my hands just loved. It’s sticky when moist. It’s nice and wide and it has a lifetime guarantee.

Cons are that it’s expensive at a $100 (!!?!!?) and it’s heavy.

The Manduka Pro is my pick for yogis who want a hybrid mat with texture that’s still sweat proof, and offers a ton of cushioning.

Written by: BrettLarkinYoga
Manduka PRO Yoga Mat Review
Date published: 10/22/2015
4 / 5 stars
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