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I used to think yoga and business mixed like oil and water.

I was convinced that by teaching yoga I’d be poor.

I was close to giving up my dream more times than I can count.

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For three years, I went through a painful process of trial-and-error.

  • I stumbled my way through figuring out how to get studios to hire me.
  • I lost money on retreats and workshops.
  • I wasted time on non-viable strategies for YouTube and social media.

It wasn’t easy.

I had no path to success.

No mentor.

No proof that someone like me could earn a living doing what I love.

Four years deep into making my dream of teaching yoga full time a reality (right when I was about to throw my laptop at the wall) small successes trickled in.

  • A major yoga publication found an article I’d written on yoga blocks. They started paying me to write for them.
  • A large website picked up one of the YouTube videos I’d done proper keyword research on. They syndicated it, earning me thousands of views.
  • I advocated for myself, and finally got the primetime teaching slot at the most popular studio in my city.

I began seeing a pattern in the types of activities that resulted in more students and income, and focused on them.

I quit the types of activities that led to burn out and overwhelm.

The key was knowing the difference.

This is the knowledge I want to share with YOU through this new course.

Today, I run a multi-million dollar yoga business and employ an international team of ten… yet I can still remember exactly what it was like to be a newly minted YTT grad, with no idea what to do next.

This program is the GIFT 🎁  that I wish had existed for my newbie self.



LGet hired by studios?

LMake money teaching corporates, privates, and on Zoom?

LLaunch online courses and yoga challenges with templates (rather than figuring it out on your own)?

LDiscover your lucrative online yoga niche?

I’m always wary of programs and teachers that promise to teach you how to create a digital course… when they’re led by people who’ve never built anything other than courses about course creation.

I’m sharing this information not because I need to, but because I want to.

I want YOU to reach more students and have a big positive impact on our world.

I only teach what I’ve mastered. I never promote techniques that haven’t worked for me personally.

This course takes you step-by-step through my own journey as a self-made yoga millionaire, unpacking all my hard-earned lessons along the way.

I started with no capital and no technical skills.

From humble beginnings as a newbie yoga teacher trying to land my first studio job… to hosting my first membership site with live group calls… to launching seasonal yoga challenges. I take you behind-the-scenes on every step of my own journey and show YOU my shortcuts to success.

Unlike many programs which are theoretical, this course provides dozens of real world examples.

Go behind-the-scenes on my own launches.

Steal my email templates (literally ready for you to copy and paste!) for outreach to studios and corporations.

After Completing this Program, You’ll Be Crystal Clear On:

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Your rate card and pricing for a variety of yoga teaching scenarios

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How to launch a yoga challenge or digital yoga course from inception through to completion

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How to design your emails, plan your social media, and monetize your lucrative niche

Empower Yourself! 

This program is for you if you:

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Finished a YTT 200-hour and now need help getting actual teaching jobs

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Feel stuck around designing your website, collecting emails, and marketing strategy

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Envision yourself teaching, but feel overwhelmed because you don’t know what to charge or what steps to take in what order



Yoga Teacher to Yoga Business Owner

  • Establish Your Rates
  • Sample Liability Waiver
  • Use My Intake Form for Your Privates


Teach at Any Studio Blueprint

  • Yoga, Money, Business in the Studio
  • Taxes, Getting Insured, Intake Form Template
  • Done-for-You Email Outreach


Teaching on Zoom – Insider Secrets

  • Zoom In-Depth Masterclass 
  • Multi Camera Set-ups, Demoing Fatigue + Student Feedback on Zoom
  • Payment Collection Methods


Marketing Blueprint

  • Email Marketing Technical Training  
  • Social Media Marketing: Facebook and Instagram
  • Youtube Success Secrets + Youtube Algorithm Walkthrough


Steal My Launch Plans

  • Seasonal Yoga Challenges
  • Evergreen “Always On” Offers
  • Launching Pitfalls to Avoid


Uncover Your Lucrative Niche

  • Design Your Ideal Student Avatar
  • Sell Without Being Salesy 
  • Create Your Ideal Email Funnel
  • Watch me review and tweak dozens of yoga teacher websites!


Launch Your Course & Film Yourself

  • Behind-the-Scenes on My Filming Process
  • Editing Walkthrough 
  • Content Creation & Sales Pages


Only Available to Launchpad Grads

  • Search Engine Optimization for Yoga Teachers
  • Social Media Content Planner


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Video Tutorials + Behind-the-Scenes "Tech Stuff" with Brett: See how a 7-figure yoga business was built, step-by-step

Value: $1,499

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Written-for-You Email Outreach Templates: Score jobs quickly at yoga studios and corporations

Value $197

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Intake Form Template + Waiver: Earn income from private sessions ASAP

Value $197

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Fill-in-the-Blank Yoga Business Plan: Gain clarity on your rates, marketing strategy and ideal student

Value $297

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Done-for-You Yoga Challenge & Course Marketing Emails: Use my launch plan to fill your courses and programs

Value $599

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Checklists + Printable Workbook: Save time by actioning the right steps in the right order

Value $149


COST $849

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brett larkin
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About Brett Larkin

Brett Larkin is founder of her award-winning YouTube channel, Uplifted™️ Online Yoga Teacher Trainings, and a sought-after online business consultant. She was the first yoga instructor in the world to create an interactive 200-Hour Yoga Certification Program Online in 2015 and run it live, in real time. A digital pioneer with an IT background, Brett has certified over 2000 yogis to become teachers and healers through online certifications. Using her proven high-touch method in the online world, Brett helps her students find their authentic voice, create thriving online communities, and accelerate their yoga and wellness business revenue. She offers her signature 200-Hour Training, Advanced 300 or 500-Hour training for emerging wellness entrepreneurs, as well as a Prenatal Yoga certification program for teachers. Yoga enthusiasts love her courses on Kundalini Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and the Uplifted Academy. Her passion for working with yoga teachers and healers has improved their lives and their balance sheets. Clients turn to Brett for best-practices on bringing educational experiences online with the best technical tools.

Yoga Business Launchpad FAQ

Who is the Uplifted Business Launchpad for?

This program is PERFECT for you if you’ve finished a YTT 200-hour and now need help getting actual teaching jobs, if you feel stuck around designing your website, collecting emails, and marketing strategy, or if you envision yourself teaching, but feel overwhelmed because you don’t know what to charge or what steps to take or in what order.

How much business experience do I need?

None! This is a back to basics, beginner friendly, step-by-step program that is accessible to anyone regardless of where they are in their yoga or entrepreneurship career. Just like you first needed an experienced yoga instructor to help you become the yoga practitioner you are today, I’m an experienced business owner who can help you build an online business as a yoga instructor.

Should I take this program if I’m an Uplifted YTT 200-hour or Kundalini University grad?

Yes! This program builds on concepts you were introduced to already but takes them to the next level. Even if you’ve completed a yoga teacher training with another yoga studio or school, this course will be helpful. Upon receiving your yoga certification, there isn’t much guidance on how to start a yoga business. This budget-friendly online course will help you establish a yoga business plan and identify the next steps in your yoga career. It’s also a great peek into some of what we cover in my 300-hour teacher training 🙂

Should I take this program if I’m an Uplifted YTT 300-hour grad?

YES! The program dovetails perfectly with our re-hauled Module 2 of your 300-hour training. If you completed your 300-Hour with us before July 2021, this course breaks out concepts you’re already familiar with, but could be helpful as a yoga business review. 

Is the content the same as the business content in the Uplifted 300-hour training?

The Launchpad content is not the same as the business content in 300-Hour YTT. Launchpad is tactical and provides invaluable templates, worksheets and emails you can use to get teaching jobs or launch challenges or a digital course. 300 YTT takes these skills to the next level with mindset work, accountability, mastermind groups and live business coaching. A small handful of videos overlap between the two programs, for example, the trainings about the Youtube Algorithm, Filming Yourself and creating your Ideal Client Avatar. However, Brett filmed Launchpad as its own stand-alone program with its own manual/workbook that yoga teachers can work through at home.

The content in 300-Hour goes deeper and provides additional tools (for example, her Retreat/Workshop Calculator) and is an interactive experience with an emphasis not only on tactics, but how to overcome self-limiting beliefs, avoid burnout and discern exactly which strategy is best for your unique situation. Brett does live coaching with students to help them overcome any block they may be experiencing around money mindset, website design, pricing, and so much more! You also get to work in hand-picked Mastermind groups with classmates that have similar interests. It’s the best way to stay accountable and achieve your business goals with support from Brett and the group. Email with any additional questions.

Is there live interaction?

This is a 100% home study course. If you want a live component to your training, do Brett’s 300-hour YTT! (Note: there are recordings of Brett coaching people on their yoga business strategy that were originally recorded live.)

I feel overwhelmed! I have lots of ideas, but I’m not sure what to do or in what order. Is this course still right for me?

Yes! In fact, this course is EXACTLY what you need. The framework and blueprints you’ll be provided with will quiet the overwhelm in your head in no time and replace it with actionable steps! The yoga industry is ripe with opportunities and, thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to create an online business. From creating a yoga website to defining your yoga service, this course is designed to bring clarity and give actionable steps to starting your (very successful) yoga career!

I have no idea what I want to sell yet/ I’m early in my teaching career. Should I still sign up?

YES – brainstorming exercises are included. This course helps you build YOUR unique offer. Starting a successful yoga business, whether through an online yoga studio, creating an online course, leading teacher training courses or yoga retreats, or even teaching yoga in a physical studio, all begins with a plan. In this Yoga Business Launchpad, I’ll teach you how to identify what your key selling points are as a yoga instructor and how to create a yoga business plan. We will also go over the exact marketing strategy that I used to build my successful yoga business so that you can follow in my footsteps. Having no idea what you want to sell or what kind of yoga service you want to offer is EXACTLY the reason why I created this online course! It is designed to help the budding yoga instructor to launch their yoga career from scratch.