Like these morning yoga classes on Youtube?

If so, YEAY, because inspired by YOUR requests, I made 4 more!

I’m not going to rant about it here, but I have MAJOR issues with how beginners are treated in the yoga community.

Just because someone is a beginner, it doesn’t mean they need to move uber slowly at all times. You can get an energizing yoga workout as you begin your own personal yoga practice!

These classes are designed to get you MOVING, safely.

I don’t dumb anything down in this morning yoga routine. I take you through yoga postures that are meant to increase your heart rate and blood flow first thing in the morning.  Plus, each day of the jumpstart comes with motivation from me as a bonus audio file. (So if you don’t feel like doing yoga when you wake up, you will once you listen to my audio).

I teach you the core poses, postures, and principles of yoga through osmosis as we flow through safe, fun, and energizing yoga workouts accessible to all levels.

In these morning yoga routine videos, I focus on strengthening the arms, legs, and core while also providing safe stretches for the neck, hamstrings, knees, and spine. I teach you how to use the breath to energize your day and how to listen to your muscles as you explore your body with your morning yoga practice.

Brett doesn’t talk to beginners like “beginners.” Her alignment cues and detailed level of instruction make everything seem advanced and I love it! Barbara S.

I created the core of what became these yoga videos after working for 6 months with a private client of mine. He was CEO of a company, extremely overweight, never found time to exercise and had basically no flexibility.

I knew that if I could get him working up a sweat and “flowing” on the breath vinyasa-style (so he’d forget about his stressful life at the office), then he’d get hooked on yoga.

And I was right!

Soon, he was coming to see me up to 4 times a week for $120 privates.

Now you can get access to the same core classes and poses I handpicked for him, yourself with these yoga videos!

With a consistent yoga practice, the “icebergs” (as we called them) that were his hips began to melt and open. He felt totally different in his body. And if he can do it, then so can you.

Maybe your “icebergs” are your legs, or spine, or your entire upper body. Whatever the case may be, moving through each yoga sequence will help you loosen up and melt into your morning routine like your new favorite cup of coffee.

Remember, I’m also going to be motivating you to GET ON YOUR MAT so we make sure your regular yoga practice happens.

Brett provides THE MOST THOROUGH explanation of the poses and is never withholding. I still haven’t quite figured out if other online yoga teachers are withholding information to keep that ‘senex-puer’ relationship marked and separate or what. After finding Brett’s beautiful soul on Youtube, I feel stronger after every session. Marla L.



20 Minute Morning Sequence

We focus on getting you aligned with a long spine in your downward dog. For some reason, this way of doing downward dog is never explained to beginners in studio classes (GRRRR). Here, we get it ingrained in your body so you can practice downdog safely for the rest of the week. Then in a grounding flow, we open your psoas (the muscles that pull on your tight hips), hamstrings, and shoulders. We bring gentle movement to pretty much every area that’s tight if you drive a lot or sit at a desk during the day =D

Motivational Audio on setting yourself up for success with a regular yoga practice at home


20 Minute Morning Sequence

In this class, we focus more on your hips, your balance, and opening up your side body. Opening your side body in the morning feels SO GOOD and helps lengthen the muscles and ligaments in your core. This will increase your flexibility not only in your torso but also throughout your entire body as the muscles in your core connect your upper body to your lower body. Keep in mind, I’m proposing doing one class each day, in this order, but you can mix them up and do them however you like!

Motivational Audio on the secret trick to know about how all yoga poses are actually *the same*


20 Minute Morning Sequence

Things get heated in this morning yoga sequence as we take the work we’ve done with lunges a step further into Warrior 1. Unlike Warrior 2, which is accessible for most people and we’ve done several times throughout these sequences, Warrior 1 is actually one of the *hardest* yoga poses (no one ever talks about it, it’s weird – I’m not sure why). Here we use High Lunge to modify Warrior 1 and to get you safely into this tricky pose with correct alignment. I’m careful to explain where to place your left foot and your right foot, as well how to use deep breaths to sink your thighs into the position. This morning yoga sequence will for sure get your blood flowing!

Motivational Audio on why modifying poses is advanced and not a cop out.


15 Minute Morning Sequence

Today, we energize through opening the side body. I introduce some easy twists and I show you a great way work up strength for side plank. Throughout these classes, I help you learn modifications of hard poses you may see at a yoga studio class. This way you can bust out the modified version even when you go to “all levels” or advanced classes in studios. We end with a bicep stretch in the arms and my favorite pose of all time – Triangle Pose!

Motivational Audio on your eyes and your attitude


15 Minute Morning Sequence

By the end of the week, you will be prepped with all of the knowledge and alignment to continue practicing yoga with my free online yoga videos on YouTube. End the week with your favorite from Youtube, whether it’s to get your blood flowing or to wind down with a gentle yoga flow. All classes are available streaming on the course page AND as digital downloads. So you can download this class and all the others directly to your computer, iTunes, and transfer them to your iPhone or iPad if that’s how you like to roll!

Motivational Audio to ensure you always get on your mat, no matter what is going on in your life!


15 Minute Morning Sequence

Why not amp it up with a little “power yoga” (a more fast-paced sun salutation sequence) on the weekend? Beginner Power Yoga may seem like an oxymoron since Power Yoga is usually practiced by experienced yogis. However, in this class, I created a class safe for those new to yoga that let’s them experience the power yoga principals of flowing on the breath and heating the body.

Motivational Audio on how yoga unleashes your power

At last a great yoga video for beginners! So many videos claim to be for beginners but then start doing some crazy moves! This didn’t make me want to quit, AND it was fast enough that my little daughter left me alone to finish it LOL Laura M.


All the above classes focus on standing poses, such as mountain pose and downward facing dog, which are perfect for energizing you in the morning.

But it’s equally important to get seated stretching in too. That’s why I’m including these two floor-based routines so you can stretch, lengthen, practice at night, or just do one of these when you want to take an “off” day but still do yoga!

Two additional class downloads included

Join now and get bonus tips & motivation from me as you move through the program.

You’ll also get bonus Q & A Support.

Here’s the thing:

I don’t want to indoctrinate you into *my* way of doing yoga.

As your online yoga instructor, my goal is to support you in customizing your personal practice; modifying yoga so it feels good for, supports you, and helps you combat any problem areas in your body.

To ensure that happens, we’ll have a Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and get direct answers from me. Only for people in the jumpstart program!

If you’re a beginner yogi, this is the EXACT kind of support you need so you can tackle questions as they come up instead of getting off-track.

In each routine outlined in the yoga videos, you will learn how to breathe deeply as you move through the yoga postures, allowing you to safely practice yoga from home.

The best part?

By the end of Beginner Yoga Jumpstart you’ll feel:

– Confident in yoga’s key yoga postures (or how you should modify them)

– Great attending any yoga studio class

– Stronger, more flexible and in a better mood as stress melts away (my favorite part!)


Get the Bonus Audio Motivation When You Order in

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