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“The only mindset, yoga & meditation course just for brides”

Module 1: Your Big Vision

Every wedding resource I found online shoved a checklist in my face and wanted me to obediently start ticking things off a list.

Consuming stuff.

Buying stuff.

Keeping me “busy.”

I felt like I was being brainwashed into wanting society’s current definition of a wedding.

I hated all the consumerism and ticking of boxes.

My wedding wasn’t supposed to be a TO DO LIST!

My wedding was supposed to the most SPIRITUAL, TRANSFORMATIVE, RITE OF PASSAGE of my life.

But no one wanted to talk to me about that.

Once planning began, I felt like I was a wedding manufacturing machine dead-set on ushering me towards a cookie-cutter wedding. 

Meditation: Wedding Embodiment

20 Minutes Guided Meditation

In this meditation, you’ll discover your wedding day to FEEL, and how YOU want to feel in it. We’ll uncover the core values of your wedding, and how you’ll embody these values as you move through your day. Come back to this meditation again and again to manifest the wedding you want.

In this module, I teach you how to:

  • Plan your wedding from an emotional and energetic standpoint
  • Identify how you want to FEEL day of (and how you want your guests to FEEL)
  • Discover your wedding’s essence, distilled to three key words

With this information, all the decisions on the checklist become easy.

Module 2: The Yogic Shift

By now, maybe you’ve noticed that a wedding is truly a “family affair.” Meaning your parents (and his) have a plethora of opinions and people they want to invite.

Your wedding is the Olympics of you coming face-to-face with any unresolved family conflict.

“Planning” a wedding actually means non-stop decision making about values, traditions, religion, and money, with many different stakeholders.

You may find yourself feeling like a teenager again.

This why you need get your Zen on and use your yoga and meditation practice now more than ever.

“The Shift”


Create the next stage of your life with intentionality. Choose what characteristics you’re taking forward and leaving behind. Use your wedding to reunite your family and heal past conflict.

In this module, we reframe your wedding as part of your spiritual journey. I detail how to:

  • Shift your perspective so your wedding isn’t about you, but about your personal development
  • Resolve wedding conflicts in a way that evolves your relationship with your loved ones
  • Know when to let you fiance or family members have their way, and when to stand your ground

Module 3: Zen Delegation

Many well-intentioned people will try to “help” you throughout your wedding planning process.

Often, this backfires and can end up being a source of frustration and conflict.

taking care of you 2

In this module, I cover:


  • The spiritual way to choose vendors and most effectively delegate to them
  • Why a “Day Of Coordinator” or “Wedding Planner” is 100% necessary, how to negotiate, and what to expect to pay
  • How to delegate to family and friends as a way that enriches your relationship with them (and avoids stress, conflict and disappointment)
  • The most important role to delegate that you haven’t even thought of yet

Module 4: Decision Making Like a Goddess

This module could basically be summarized as “how to be the opposite of a Bridezilla.”

I’ll show you how to release pent up energy, reground, and make decisions quickly and easily from your heart.

I’ll also ask you to consult your inner wisdom on a few key issues that were hotbeds of conflict during my wedding (and I wish someone had made me think through from a yogic perspective).

  • Why you probably don’t want a traditional registry (and how I HATED mine)
  • Wedding cake – is it right for you?
  • BOOZE. Do you want alcohol at your wedding? Or no hard alcohol?
  • Are children allowed at your wedding? How will you convey this information to guests?
  • Are last minute plus ones and guests allowed? What’s you and your fiance’s policy?
  • Who’s paying for what? What feels OK?
  • How my yoga practice saved my life the week of my wedding – the same can be true for you

Me doing pigeon pose on my wedding day while my hair sat in rollers.

Module 5: Creating Your Ceremony

In this section, I cover how to write your own ceremony (if that’s the route you’re choosing).

I share the exact steps and resources I used to create my wedding vows.

I also give you a copy of my whole originally written ceremony as a cheat sheet you can pull from or use as a reference for your own wedding.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 10.54.51 AM

I also cover how to:
  • Choose an officiant (or ask a friend or family member to be you officiant)
  • Pick reading that are meaningful to both you, your fiance and the reader
  • Uncover the secret theme of your wedding, which will be revealing itself to you throughout the planning process and on the day of



Module 6: Best Day Ever

Here we go into the nitty, gritty to ensure you feel the way you want to feel on your big day, and all the people and places that need to be in place for that to happen.

Big Bridal Aura

Here I share a meditation you can use to manifest the wedding you want. This is unlike anything I teach on Youtube. It’s a powerful Kundalini breathing set that you can practice leading up to your wedding (and on your wedding day) that’s incredibly centering.

In this module, I show you how to:


  • Incorporate yoga and meditation into your wedding day schedule (I provide my exact wedding day timeline as a cheat sheet)
  • Slow down time the day of your wedding
  • Guarantee it’s the best day of your life (yes, yogic philosophy makes this possible – I’ll show you how)

Everyone told me, “your wedding will be a blur – it will go by so fast.”

Thanks to yoga, meditation, and all the principles I teach in this course, I was SO grounded and present on my wedding day that had the exact opposite experience.

It was as if time slowed down and the day lasted forever. And I want the same for you.

Over the course of my wedding weekend, I got to talk to every single person I wanted to talk to. I even had deeply meaningful conversations with the people I cared about most.

I wasn’t lucky.

I manifested everything that made my wedding weekend the best weekend of my life.

I used yoga and meditation to make the chaotic period of ‘planning’ and ‘doing’ a path for self-development.

I set up a weekend, and took care of myself in such a way that I was able to see and appreciate how every friend and family member surprised me on my wedding weekend.

It was as if we all rose together.

Especially, coming from a divorced family, I was shocked at the sense of union and wholeness my wedding made me feel.

I’ve never felt so happy or proud of myself, my family, and my new role in the world as someone’s wife.


This course is delivered to you via email in the form of audio files you can listen to at your own convenience as you commute, clean or exercise!

For some modules, PDF worksheets and written resources are included.

Everything is downloadable and for you to keep.

This course also comes with a Facebook Group just for yogini brides where you can chat and share with one another (and with me!).

When I think about the way my wedding could have gone…

Me stressed out.

Fighting with my mom.

Snapping at my dad.

Showing my worst self to my fiance.

I am SO HAPPY that I decided to use yoga and meditation as tools throughout my entire planning process.

A wedding is like a tsunami that crashes into your life. You’re either going to tred water and swim, or you’re going to learn how to surf the wave with grace.

What I’m offering here is a toolkit so you can also show up as your best self on the most important day of your life.

The most important wedding planning of all is this — your inner work.

Your own self development.

Being the light for your fiance and family during this exciting yet emotional time.

I hope to see you in the course.

Zen & the Art of Getting Married

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