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Deepen your practice, Enrich your life

Deepen your practice, enrich your life

The Ultimate Community for Deepening Your Yoga Practice At-Home

What if you weren’t alone in your yoga practice anymore?

What if you had a dedicated teacher and community that cared?

This is not just another place to stream online yoga classes.

My relationship with yoga online used to be one-dimensional. Now, it’s a gateway to the most amazing community. I’m constantly engaged and getting feedback on everything. Alexis J.

What sets Uplifted apart?

This is an interactive YOGA FAMILY designed to fuel your success on and off the mat.

You Evolve Your Practice:
Access member-only content & structured monthly training plans. Uplifted’s designed to meet you where you are — whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned teacher.
Cultivate Your Body, Mind and Spirit:

Live broadcasts and journaling calls with Brett ensure you take time to reflect on your journey, your destiny, and your highest truth.
Uplifted’s about more than just yoga poses. Are you ready to go deeper?

You Receive Personalized Feedback:
If you choose, Uplifted provides guidance customized to you and your needs. This is an active community. Get your questions answered: Whether it’s about modifying poses for your specific needs or learning more about pranayama, the chakras and the subtle body.

Uplifted is here to ensure that you’re embodying your true potential physically and spiritually.

Before joining Uplifted, I didn’t know if I was doing my poses right. Now I’ve learned that and so much more, like morning routines for successful people, deepening my practice, meditation. There is no one out there like Brett. Her teaching approach is like no other. I’ve learned more with her in just a few months than with studio classes in the past. Maria G.

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THIS is the sense of community and inspiration you’ve been craving. Ignite your at-home practice.

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Personal Feedback on Your Yoga Journey


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I want to sign up, but can I pay *not* via credit card?

Yes! You can pay via Paypal by clicking here. Right now, this option is only available for the yearly subscription.

Is Uplifted for men and women?

Yes. We have inspiring women and men inside the community.

I’m anti-social media and do not use Facebook. Will Uplifted still work for me?

Uplifted works best when you join the Uplifted Private Facebook Group, which you can access directly through the Uplifted app (no need to use Facebook). However, around a third of our members do not have Facebook accounts and still love the membership. Listen here to learn more.

I’m brand new to yoga – is Uplifted a good fit for me?

Yes! Not only do we have the Beginner Training plan and playlists, you’ll vastly benefit from getting feedback from Brett, your mentor and the rest of this amazing group. There are many yoga teachers in Uplifted who love helping new students.

I live outside the USA – can I still join in on Uplifted live calls? What about my timezone?

We have Uplifted members from over 31 countries. You can always dial-in to live calls via any internet connection or by phone using our international dial-in numbers. Call times rotate regularly so everyone, in every time zone, gets a chance to be live. Remember, you can still post photos (and get feedback) even if you can’t be live. You’ll just watch Brett’s feedback on the replay.

Will courses I’ve previously purchased on or on your current mobile app be available on the membership?

Yes, Beginner Yoga Jumpstart, Always be Stretching, Just the Hacks, Sequencing Masterclasses and any courses or classes you may have purchased in the past can all be unlocked for you on Uplifted.

Are the challenges, 18 Days of Yoga and 8 Day Detox included in the membership?

Yes – these are one of many new “collections” in Uplifted and available free with your subscription. You can download them too 🙂

Can I cancel at any time?

Yep! And it’s super easy to do on your dashboard or by emailing in.

Why can’t everything be totally free forever, all the time?

I’d love that too! However, everything about running my yoga site costs money: Hosting fees, email service provider fees, editing fees, equipment costs, cameras, lights, web hosting fees (need I go on 🙂 ?). Running my yoga site is expensive and insanely time-consuming. But connecting with you gives my life meaning. I make the choice daily to support independent brands and businesses that I love. Aligning my money with the things I value brings me joy. This is your opportunity to do the same – for me!

This membership enables me to make more content for you, better and faster. It also let’s me give you 100x more value through personalized feedback.

I already belong to GaiamTV, My Yoga Online [Insert Subscription Yoga Site Here] – how is this different or better?

Every yoga subscription site on the market is the same: they all offer a one-way experience in which you stream classes. That’s it. What I’m offering is a TWO-WAY experience. I motivate you. I care about you. I dialogue with you non-stop. I create what you want and provide personalized feedback. I want to help you ignite your best life!


Brett Larkin Yoga *Uplifted*

One Way Viewing
Learn Through Personalized Feedback

Practice Alone

Broad & Unstructured
Practice in a Motivated Community

No Personalized Guidance
Training Plans & Challenges

Students Are Anonymous
We Are a Community That Supports Each Other

Just Yoga Videos
Personalize Your Practice, Live Your Best Life On And Off The Mat

Just a Business
Brett’s award-winning channel is her passion – she’s here to help YOU!

What is VHX?

VHX is the video distribution platform that powers our membership site. Download the VHX app on any device, enter the email address you used to purchase Uplifted, and see all my content instantly (no password required).

How does accessing the content  work? What happens immediately after I buy?

A “Watch Now” button appears which will take you to the members-only dashboard where you can access my whole Youtube library (plus Members Only content and videos not yet on Youtube). You can view the videos on your PC, but what’s really cool is accessing the member’s library though all of VHX’s apps.


Find VHX on iPhone, Andriod, Roku, Chromecast or AppleTV. All you have to do is enter your email address (same address you used to sign up) and the member’s area will appear. Download videos to the app for when you don’t have wifi, or directly to your Dropbox to own.

Those of you with iPhone or Android devices can also access and download all video content through the Uplifted members-only app. This app pulls together our Uplifted Private Facebook Group, Member-Only Podcasts and Community Video Chat for non-stop inspiration and motivation.

Why do so many people love Uplifted?