Terms of Sale: Online Yoga Teacher Training


Uplifted™ 200 Hour Training (deposit only)

Your deposit holds your space in the training and is non-refundable. If you need to drop out for any reason, your deposit can be credited toward a future online training within 15 months from your date of purchase. See deferment policy below.

Subsequent tuition payments are 100% refundable (minus a $75 admin fee) 30+ days before the training live call start date. Within 30 days of the training live call start date, tuition payments are 100% refundable minus a $175 admin fee. Once course materials release no refunds are issued.

Uplifted™ 200 Hour Training (immediate access)

Tuition payments are non-refundable, since all course material is released to you immediately upon purchase.

Uplifted™ 300 Hour Training

300-Hour Tuition (paying in full or by payment plan) releases training content immediately and is therefore non-refundable. Students have permanent access to the material and can take as long as needed to graduate. 

Kundalini University 200 Hour Training

Tuition payments are 100% refundable (minus a $175 admin fee) 30+ days before the training live call start date. Within 30 days of the training live call start date, course materials release, and no refunds are issued.  

Pregnant & Powerful Teacher’s Edition

This digital course releases training content immediately and is therefore non-refundable. Students have permanent access to the material and can take as long as needed to graduate.

All Teacher Trainings

Once a training begins (course materials release and live calls start) no refunds are issued. All refunds are made in USD and we are not liable for changes in exchange rates or foreign transaction fees. ANY non-refunded tuition payments can be credited toward a future intake of the same online teacher training within 15 months from your date of purchase (see transfer policy). 

If a student drops out of training after the live call component of the program is underway, he/she is subject to the deferment fee (see below) to take this portion of training at a later date. 

Note: In the unlikely event that Uplifted™ Yoga LLC cancels any training for any reason, a full refund, including any deposit, is issued.


Deferring your training start date: 200-Hour, 300-Hour, Kundalini University or Bridge students may choose to defer enrollment to the following class anytime up to 30 days prior to their training’s live call start date. This is free of charge. Simply let us know by writing [email protected]

If you need to defer once enrollment closes or live training calls are already underway, there is a $400 deferment fee (Uplifted™ 200 & 300-Hour) and $650 deferment fee (Kundalini University) to join the next class. Bridge students may not defer. For deferred 200-Hour YTT students, access to any current training materials will be revoked, and reinstated when the next class begins.

Transferring between different trainings: Uplifted™ 200-Hour, 300-Hour and Bridge students may transfer between trainings if needed,  with the requisite certifications (ex: an Uplifted™ 200-Hour student may upgrade to Uplifted™ 300-Hour if they hold the correct credentials, or vice-versa.) Uplifted™ 200-Hour, 300-Hour and Bridge students may not transfer into (or transfer tuition credits) into Kundalini University, as it’s run as it’s own separate, joint-venture program. Likewise, Kundalini University tuition is non-transferable and cannot be credited toward Uplifted™ 200-Hour or 300-Hour trainings.

YTT tuition credit: We cannot apply tuition credit to Uplifted™ membership payments, Pregnant & Powerful™ products, DVDs, journals, retreats or any other products other than online teacher training. Your spot in teacher training is non-transferable, so cannot be used by any person other than you. Thank you for your understanding.

Failed Payment Policy

If enrolled in a payment plan and your payments default, you will be notified via email by us directly and by our payment processor. Please update your payment information within 5 business days of a failed charge. If your payment defaults a second time, we will revoke access to your training materials until your payment issues are resolved. Once your payment issue resolve, allow us three business days to manually adjust your account and grant you access to your materials once again.

Follow these steps to change your method of payment should any issues arise:

If you used PayPal to make your payment(s), please visit your PayPal account to update your payment information.

If you used a credit card directly on our site and not on PayPal, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to go https://upliftedyoga.thrivecart.com/updateinfo/
  2. Enter the email associated with your Uplifted™ Account
  3. Find your Yoga teacher training subscription or purchase,
  4. Click “Update My Info” at the top to the right of your name
  5. Enter new credit card information in the box that appears

In the event that failed payments or special payment requests result in the need for a custom invoice via paypal, a $100 admin fee is added.

Cancelled Payment Plan Policy

If you’re enrolled in a payment plan and choose to cancel your payments in order to take training at a later time, please notify us in writing by emailing [email protected] Please note that in order to release training materials again when you choose to reenroll, you’ll need to pay your tuition balance in full. 

Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise indicated, all materials within training, including the manual, text, graphics, training videos, design, names, logos, and underlying software, are protected by copyright owned or licensed by Uplifted™ Yoga LLC, and you acknowledge and agree that this is the case.

You may not modify, copy, reproduce, upload to a third party, post, transmit or distribute the material.

You may stream material to your computer or download to your phone/tablet via our apps for viewing and/or printing, as long as the material is kept intact and in the same form as presented in training (including any copyright or other notice) and is for your personal, non-commercial use.

Waiver of Liability

You recognize that yoga requires physical exertion that may, in some cases, cause physical strain or injury. In participating in training, you acknowledge you are fully aware of the risks and hazards involved. You agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which might incur as a result of participating in the training or practicing yoga. You understand that it is your responsibility to consult with a physician regarding any health concerns.

Certification and Employment

We do everything in our power to support you in graduating. Our mission is to help you get the 200-Hour or 300-Hour Certificate as part of our Uplifted™ family. That being said, you must do your part in showing up for live calls, completing the course material, and fulfilling the graduation requirements. In this program, I share tips and strategies that have worked for me and many other successful entrepreneurs. I do not offer any guarantee as to your business revenue. I cannot guarantee employment, nor can I give financial, tax or legal advice. What I can commit to is my support through the duration of the program, and lifetime access to our training materials, resources and supportive community.


Namaste! Can’t wait to train with you!