Guided Meditation for Sleep


Have this deep breathing and relaxation tool at your fingertips at all times. This is an audio file for your phone or audio player (no video).

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Used this so many times, particularly the breathing to relax and fall asleep. Now don’t need the video just using the breathing. You have helped change a small part of my life for the better.
— Scott B

This was great and effective. I fell right to sleep. Thanks so much for sharing.
— Shannon Y

Brett, I just wanted to thank you. I’m in my late teen years, and I have had trouble falling asleep ever since I was a very little girl. I found this video about a month ago and every night I fall asleep listening to it. It has yet to fail me. I am so happy you posted this. I’ve been much happier and relaxed this past month, and I am FINALLY able to get up earlier like I’ve always wanted. 🙂 So thank you.
— Kyla J

I googled breathing techniques for sleeping and I found this video. So I watched it and did the breathing with you and felt so relaxed afterwards. I’ve had ALOT on my mind lately and been feeling very down about myself and this helped me let go of it for the time being so I can relax and get some rest. Thank you for this video. 🙂
— Melissa J

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