Beginner Yoga Jumpstart + Toolkit

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Monday (20 Mins)

FOCUS: Find a long spine in your downward dog (even if it feels really awkward!)

-Practice downward dog in front of a mirror. Keep thinking “seat higher,” “bend knees more,” “torso towards thighs more.”

-Pad your back knee with a folded blanket on you mat for the low lunges and half split stretch

Tuesday (20 min)

FOCUS: Balance, Hips, Side Body

-Take an extra wide stance in high lunge (left to right) so you have more stability

-Practice high lunge near a wall so you practicing can bending your front knee deeply with 1 hand on the wall to steady you

-You can always take low lunge (back knee to the mat) if you’re not ready for high lunge!

Wednesday (20 min)

FOCUS: Warrior I, balance, side body opening

-Remember Warrior I is actually one of the *hardest* yoga poses, so don’t worry if you can’t do it right away

-Continue to work in High Lunge if you can’t get your back heel down in Warrior I – no worries!

-Practice Tree Pose near a wall or with one hand on the wall if you’re struggling with balance

Thursday (20 min)

FOCUS: Intro to Triangle Pose, side body opening

-Take a blanket under your knee in Gate Pose for additional comfort

-Use a block under hand in Triangle Pose and press into the block for a longer spine

-Place your hands on a chair or coffee table to fold just halfway into a flat back when we do the wide legged forward fold if folding forwarding all the way doesn’t feel right

Friday (15 mins)

FOCUS: Full Body Activation

-Place a cushion under your seat and/or a block under your forehead in Child’s Pose

-Come to your knees if you ever have trouble holding plank pose, but keep drawing you abs actively up and in

Saturday (15 mins)

FOCUS: Connecting Breath & Movement

-Practice Chair Pose in front of a mirror to check that your low back is not arched

-Switch Low Lunge for High Lunge by taking your knee to the mat if High Lunge feels like too much

-Use a block under the bottom hand in Side Angle Pose to find more length in the spine


Enjoy these classes with special relaxing music I’ve put together for you here.

Audio Bonuses / Re-take Challenge


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