Fast Track Your Flexibility with Stretching Hacks

16 Exclusive Videos

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NOTE: Props are now sold seperately


STRETCH for over an hour a day

without setting foot on a yoga mat


OPEN your body

while working at a desk, reading, watching TV, sleeping, flying in a plane & more


HEAL your aches & pains

with self-myofascial release and Yin yoga

Frankly I’m a snob when it comes to yoga — I want super high quality instruction without the preachy vibe. Brett Larkin nails it. Taylor J., Founder, TeamPossible


If you’ve been doing yoga with me on Youtube, *THIS* is the actual process I use to take care of my own body

(as a very busy person)

1) TEN Videos on How to Always Be Stretching (A-B-S)

When you’re busy and can’t make time for even a short personal practice at home with a video (this happens to me often), you need to incorporate stretching INTO your day-to-day tasks.

You need to A-B-S “Always Be Stretching©” to keep your body pain free and your mind supple.

I’m stretching even as I write this on my computer, right now!

YOU should be stretching as you’re reading this, but likely you’re not, because you do not know how to hack stretching into your day-to-day activities. SO PLEASE let me show you how!

In 10 short videos I teach you how to hack stretching into daily tasks you’re already doing (like reading or laying in bed) so you can BE STRETCHING WHILE:

  • Sitting at a desk
  • In meetings at work (no one can tell – it’s amazing!)
  • Watching your favorite TV shows
  • Reading your favorite book
  • Sleeping (yes, really!)
  • Riding in the passenger seat of a car
  • Seated in an an airplane
  • Laying in bed

in order to

  • Counteract wrist/shoulder/back pain from typing and mousing
  • Heal your hands from texting
  • Release your low back
  • Perform self-myofascial release and experience a pain-free body

I show you how to do these things in a way that’s NOT a yoga class, but just part of your daily LIFE.

For example, I’ll show how I lengthen my spine every night (preventing low back pain) using 3 props, in bed, while reading a book.

2) My 5 “Secret Weapon” Props

Hacking stretching at the ninja-level into your daily routine doesn’t happen without good tools.

I got sick of the sound of my own voice repeatedly telling friends and clients what special props I use to make this all happen (we’re talking way beyond blocks and bolsters here), where to buy them and the various ways I use them.

So I decide to include a resource sheet of all the essential tools you need to make constant stretching a reality. This is exactly what I use myself at home. Take a look and see which of these could work for YOU. Watch videos of how I’m using these same props in bed, at my desk and in my car!

3) SIX 15 Min Yoga Routines for Full Body Maintenance

You’ll already be sneaking stretching into your daily life in all sorts of sneaky ways with my Always Be Stretching© videos and props. Here, I provide 6 additional video routines (ideally you use one each day of the week and go to a studio to do a full-length yoga workout on weekends):

  • 15 Minute Spine Lengthening
  • 15 Minute Low Back Release
  • 15 Minute Hip Opening
  • 15 Minute Shoulder Opening
  • 15 Minute Core Strengthening
  • 15 Minute Hamstrings & IT Band

All these routines are Yin-Inspired, self Myofasical Release, so they are appropriate for all levels.

Perfect for when you’re tired.

Some of these sequences don’t even require a yoga mat. So you’ll never have an excuse not to do yoga when traveling or on the road. All videos are downloadable so you can own them and keep them on your laptop, tablet or phone.


Bonus Audio Files

1) The Optimized Morning (exactly what I drink, eat and do every morning for maximum Zen and productivity)

2)The Optimized Evening ( my exact wind-down ritual)

3) How to Get the Support You Need from Others as You Heal Your Body and ABS (Always Be Stretching) – how to explain what you’re doing, ask for help, and why this is essential and can save your relationships with your partner / loved ones.


Bonus Class Videos

When I first read about the program I thought to myself  “Wow, this is really original! I never saw anything like it on the net or anywhere else before. This is exactly what I need!” I have an administrative job, so I sit most of the day. Now I’m doing all the stretches all the time! Talya B. 

I own my own business, work 10 -12 hours a day, and I’m in my 60ies! With these videos, I’m able to truly incorporate yoga into my lifestyle and I’m having so much fun doing it, even as a total beginner. Oh, and opening the box with all the props you shipped was really fun. Barbara S., Salon Owner & Artist

I am soooo loving these videos. Thank you so much. I don’t think I can say it enough. I was hesitant to spend so much $$$$ in the beginning, but it was totally worth it. What you are sharing with us is a toolbox I can use for the rest of my life. I now have a totally new perspective on my body and how I want to take care of it. Thank you, thank you. Amanda B. PreSchool Teacher & Yoga Teacher Training Graduate


I’ve tried to make this as “no brainer” an offer as I can. I want you to enjoy this special series and start stretching all the time.

Learning how to stretch on and off the mat in your day-to-day life is a powerful investment that is going to change your body, so I wanted to make it an EASY choice for you to say yes!

If you know you want in, act NOW! Let’s do this! This course is going to be SO FUN (and LIFE-CHANGING for your body and your productivity).

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