Welcome to the Uplifted Yoga community. Yoga has been the focus of my life for the last 15+ years. My programs in Vinyasa, Hatha, and Kundalini have touched hundreds of thousands of people. I have been setting the standard for highly interactive, online yoga certification since 2015, celebrating individuality and empowering you to actively design your life. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned teacher, I am here to help YOU.

I’m honored you’re here. And I’m so proud to offer you the most interactive, high-touch yoga certification experience you’ll find online.

Brett’s introducing the chakras to a whole new generation of students, fusing yoga and online education in a way that’s just magical.

Anodea Judith, Ph.d. bestselling author Wheels of Life, Eastern Body, Western Mind

I feel humbled every week. Current and former students regularly email in to tell us how our training courses have not only ignited their yoga teaching careers, but also created a positive ripple effect into every aspect of their LIVES.

Our yoga teacher training courses combine fun interactivity, deep dives into yoga education, and proven tips and tools for building a profitable yoga business.

My head hits the pillow every night feeling excited, knowing that we’re not only creating incredibly compassionate yoga teachers, but that we’re also providing them with the tools, techniques, and teachings to create a profitable, impactful yoga career.

Many of our students are certified yoga teachers who have already gone through in-person trainings in the traditional yoga world and who currently teach yoga.

They tell me they come to OUR online training courses because they were disappointed in the scope, curriculum, or confidence-building after their first in-person training program.

Their response upon completing our Uplifted trainings has been over-the-top heart-warming.


100% of students say my training program met or exceeded their expectations


More than 9 out of 10 would recommend their training experience to a friend

The organization and forethought that has gone into the course is phenomenal. The range of subject matter discussed is vast, yet it is given in manageable chunks and then all linked together so you know why you are studying it.

It’s great to know you will have access to it forever – I know I will keep coming back to it (something you would never get with a live course). The online aspect means you can fit it into your life and schedule. The live video calls and pose reviews mean that you never actually feel you are doing stuff alone. The Youtube links let you take Brett’s online classes that dovetail with exactly what we’re learning in the training, which is SO helpful. It’s a superb course – worth every penny and every ounce of sweat. I have loved it.

Samantha T.

Certified Yoga Teacher

Read more personal stories from our hundreds of incredible graduates in our full YTT brochure.

Read more personal stories from our hundreds of incredible graduates in our full YTT brochure.

Training online is the best way to learn. Access top quality content from world-renowned instructors from the comfort of home. Invest in an asset in which you can pause, rewind, and own forever.

I signed up for Brett’s YTT to deepen my practice… I liken Brett to the Tony Robbins of yoga, taking the best from different aspects of the Yoga concepts and packaging them into an easy-to-understand and fun process. Whether you are looking to teach or just learn more about yoga, this is a GREAT course.

Greg W., CPA & Certified Yoga Teacher

I’ve done many previous in-person 200/300/500-Hour trainings and workshops, and have over five years of in-class experience teaching yoga and pilates. The Uplifted™ training gave me new techniques and understanding from the fascial perspective. I love using these in my classes and privates.

Claire P. 500-Hour Full-time Yoga Teacher

Brett has a unique flavor of Vedic wisdom, entrepreneurial spirit and massive heart. I leave every conversation with her inspired. 

Sahara Rose, best-selling author, #1 rated Highest Self podcast

I remember when I felt too scared to teach yoga (and later, felt too scared to charge actual money for teaching).

I encountered resistance (often self-inflicted) at every step in my personal path toward teaching. But I soon discovered ways to overcome all these obstacles and create a successful yoga career and an abundant life.

You can overcome these obstacles too!

This is why I’m obsessively committed to helping all my students conquer their fear, attain confidence, and boldly take the next big step in their yoga journey. 

I hounded Brett to help me bring my teaching online. She’s my go-to person for filming yoga classes, marketing, pricing, strategy. Get close to her! You’ll leave energized, inspired and with concrete steps forward!

Danni Pomplun, E-RYT 500

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Big thanks to YOU for checking out our ever-expanding Uplifted universe on the internet. We’re a community vibrating with energy, enthusiasm, support and joy for each other. 

I’m personally committed to providing the highest-quality, most interactive, live yogic education available online – and we have a TON of fun along the way. 

I’m eager to welcome you into one of our upcoming 200-Hour or 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses or into our ridiculously special Uplifted Yoga community. Just think –

WHO WOULD YOU BE, if you fully developed a powerful, personal, at-home yoga practice?

If you honored that small voice inside you that wants you to teach yoga?

PLEASE JOIN US! Go here to learn more about my Uplifted Community, and here for 200-Hour and 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

See you on the mat!

From my heart to yours, namaste.