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Going deeper with a myofascial release therapist & getting bodywork done

Look for a myofascial therapist here and only here! Everyone on this site was trained by the same person as me. ==> http://mfrtherapists.com/

Buying more red balls!

You can buy additional red balls for $12 each here from Amazon. Alternatively, you can buy them directly from http://www.optp.com/ (Franklin Easy Grip Ball) which sells them in sets of 2 for $17. 

Buying Chattra’s Meditation Shawl

I use this as a scarf every single day and as a blanket as well – it’s basically always on my body. Cannot recommend it highly enough. It is pricey, but Chattra is an amazing company and the owner is a fantastic woman with a huge heart running her company the right way (ethical, green, beautifully).

Buy the shawl / scarf ==> http://chattra.com/collections/shawls-blankets/products/divine-meditation-shawl

Make sure to use BLSHIPFREE at checkout for FREE SHIPPING and so she knows you’re a Larkin Yogi.

Recommendations for working with a hamstring injury

-always forward fold with knees bend to protect hamstrings…also always stand with feet hips width apart as opposed to touching (if it feels better)

-support your upper body with the block when folding forward…thinking of “pulling up” in your core to take pressure off the legs and really press into the blocks for support -even do seated forward folds with bent knees (like I show in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zt6JUSw4kis&list=PLPJTnhnYa-pMtBbmvqZls4JC-8TNksHl1&index=4 )

-do a lot of work with the blue chiropractic block to release your low back AND do the front psoas releases with the block…these areas + hamstrings are all interconnected

-if it feels OK, try using the red ball on the hamstring (lay down with the ball placed where your seat becomes your thigh — the hamstring attachment), letting it sink in for a long time and make very slow gentle movements (only if it feels safe). Watch the “Roll it Out” video for ideas on how to work with the ball.

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What’s your advice on stretching super sore muscles? I did a great arm work out with weights yesterday. My whole upper section is sore today so putting the ball there is painful (not unbearable, just a lot of sensation!) Is it beneficial to do this type of myofacial work on really newly worked and sore muscles or wait until they heal a little?

1) if you do use the ball, use in your bed so it’s a soft surface
2) don’t roll, just let the ball sink into tight spaces and make micro-movements with your fingers or just breathe
3) if using the ball is too much, just move your arms gently doing shoulder stretches at the wall or just making arm circles to get blood flowing and wait a bit

ALSO a nice hot bath won’t hurt

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