Self-Study Bridge provided as a foundational bonus 


JUNE 2022


Access ALL training content immediately

Live Calls begin June 6th  

Save $135 by Paying in Full 

FREE gorgeous color printed manuals for all FOUR 300-YTT modules (USA only) when you Pay in Full

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Access ALL training content immediately

Live Calls begin January 30th

Save $135 by Paying in Full

FREE gorgeous color printed manuals for all FOUR 300-YTT modules (USA only) when you Pay in Full

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INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 we can (sadly) no longer ship manuals internationally. Digital manuals will be provided. Domestic USA manuals are FREE with FREE shipping (if you pay in full).



Download the full brochure for a comprehensive list of *all* FAQs 

Do I begin training right away, as soon as I sign up?

Yes. Once you sign up, if you Pay in Full, you'll recieve the whole training (Self Study Bridge + the 300-Hour Training) immediately. It's ideal to complete the Bridge portion first. If you pay via Payment Plan, you'll recieve the Self Study Bridge program for 4 months, then the 300-Hour content in 9 monthly installments.

Can I graduate at my own pace?

100% yes. There is no time limit for your Uplifted certification. This is the beauty of this course. Maximum flexibility, and maximum support.

I don’t have a 200-Hour certificate. Can I participate through the new student track and receive my 200-Hour Certificate and a 300/500-Hour certificate together?

The New Student Self-Study Bridge track is designed for teachers who already hold a 200-Hour degree from another yoga school. If you don’t yet have your 200-Hour degree, we’d love to welcome you into our interactive 200-Hour program as a first step. Enroll here. You can follow up with this 300/500-Hour training at the alumni rate and receive the same savings!

Do I still receive all the training material at once if I choose the Split Pay option?

Yes! This is a great option that enables you to join Live Calls and graduate much faster than you would be able to in a Payment Plan. 

How long does it take for me to earn my 500-Hour certification?

It varies. Assuming you've paid your tuition in full, graduate in as quickly as 4 - 6 months if you are joining us from a different yoga school.

Can anyone access Uplifted’s 300/500 Yoga Teacher Training and participate in the community?

No - this is a select group. Our verification process ensures that only teachers who are certified at the 200-Hour level are members of this community. Please be prepared to send us your 200-Hour certification for review.

Why is doing the Uplifted YTT-200 “Bridge Self-Study” required for 300/500-Hour Certification? Isn’t having a 200-Hour degree from another yoga school enough?

The goal of the Uplifted 300/500-Hour program is to go much deeper with an intimate group of students who are all “on the same page” philosophically, with similar yogic/anatomic expertise, and proficiency in the Uplifted approach to alignment and body reading. Yoga Teacher Trainings are widespread and unmonitored (Yoga Alliance and other governing bodies openly state they don’t check or enforce any of their outlined standards.) For this reason, the 200-Hour curriculum in the Self-Study Bridge format is provided for you as a foundational bonus before moving through the Uplifted 300-Hour program.

What are your refund policies?

Refund Policy – 300 Hour Training 

300-Hour Tuition (paying in full or by payment plan) releases training content and manuals immediately and is therefore non-refundable. Students have permanent access to the material and can take as long as needed to graduate. If a student drops out of training once the live call component of the program is underway, he/she is subject to the deferment fee (see below) to take this portion of training at a later date.  

Deferment Policy  

200-Hour, 300-Hour or Bridge students may choose to defer enrollment to the following training class anytime up to 30 days prior to their training's live call start date. This is free of charge. Simply let us know by writing [email protected]  

If you need to defer once enrollment closes or live calls are already underway, there is a $400 deferment fee to join the next class. 

Note: In the unlikely event that Uplifted™ Yoga LLC cancels any training for any reason, a full refund, including the deposit, is issued.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid? Is there a scholarship for military spouses or the like?

We are currently investigating the best way to bring merit-based scholarships and need-based financial aid to our students. We’ve found these institutions, including the military, do not support distance learning. We are able to provide you with a receipt of tuition if you believe you qualify for reimbursement.

Can you provide me with a “proof of tuition” payment for my own business or tax purposes?

Of course — smart thinking! If you are already a yoga teacher or in a profession in which yoga certification could enhance your business (aka a massage practitioner, nutritionist, personal trainer or similar), your tuition could be tax deductible. Please check with your accountant.

See many more FAQ in our full YTT brochure

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