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Art of Sequencing Masterclass

Create sequences that inspire and uplift. 

In my 120-minute sequencing masterclass, I cover all of yoga's sequencing rules and how to break them so you can create classes that are unique and passionately YOU.  

You get a quick anatomy review, the components of sequence design as it was taught to me, and my own special framework for designing classes. Use this a template for your own creativity. 

I share sure-fire ways to get inspiration for your sequencing, plus how I design condition-based sequences. 

Charge a premium for these specialized sequences in your own workshops and programs.

Just starting out? 

  • Teach one of my done-for-you sequences, provided as a written PDF 
  • Use my sequence design worksheet as a framework for your own classes 
  • Sprinkle your own signature style into any routine using my framework

New and seasoned teachers will walk away excited from this masterclass. 


  • Two 60-min Training Videos (including an advanced masterclass showing you how I designed one of my most popular, complex sequences, step-by-step)
  • Two PDF classes, written out for you pose-by-pose (with corresponding videos of me doing the sequence)
  • Sequencing Template: I give you my framework to use in your own classes
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$79 in 48-Hours

Teach to Inspire Masterclass: You & Your Voice

Establish your unique voice a teacher. 

Cue in a way that keeps your class together and injury free.

Show up as your highest self as a teacher, even when things in your life are hard.

Yes, you probably just want to get the sequencing masterclass, but there are two parts to teaching a great yoga class. A fantastic sequence is only half the battle. The other, argueably more important part is your VOICE

Are you clear on your message? 

What are you teaching beyond the physcial? Your voice is your most powerful tool as a teacher. Yet speaking in a way that inspires people (or public speaking at all) is out of the realm of comfort for most of us. 

Don't worry. This is a learned skill. 

I cover how you can: 

  • Find confidence in your voice right now with one simple trick 
  • Cue in a way that students truly *hear* what you're saying with my special B-V-A method 
  • Embody what you teach - not just by demo-ing poses

I also include a bonus download with tips on my favorite hands-on adjustments


  • 75-min Find Your Voice Masterclass Audio Intensive 
  • Bonus Training Video on my favorite hands-on adjustments
  • Bonus Training Video on how to teach yoga with music and design your own playlists

Don't fall into the trap of just focusing on sequencing. 

Remember, it's your voice and how you embody your message - your energy - that keeps people coming back to your class, or not. 

Fast Action Discount $49

$79 in 48-Hours

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teach to inspire
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$108 in 48-Hours


Haven't yet taken my business course?

> Get your first studio teaching job

> Score privates & corporates

> Exact numbers & figures on what a career in yoga looks like: I don't hold anything back 

> Training on how to grow your businss online

If you feel called to teach, you *need* to pursue that dream.

But newsflash: when you become a yoga teacher, you also become an entrepenuer. 

Congratulations: you're now running your own business.

That means you're in charge of your own marketing, scheduling, accounting, revenue and SALES. I don't know about you, but for me -

NOTHING about the business side of yoga was convered in my training.

Are you wondering?

What are the realities of making a living as a yoga teacher? How do yoga teachers get paid?

How do you score that first studio teaching gig? Is it merit based? About being friends with the studio owner? About being the best in your audition, and what makes a strong audition anyway? WAIT - there are auditions?!

How will you win private and corporate clients? (Psst this is where the real money is locally).

How much will you charge? How much CAN you charge? Do you accept credit cards?

Are you insured? 

Are you doing social media? 

Do you have a website?

Whether you're considering teacher training, or long ago graduate who's teaching NOW, I want you to have THE MOST information about how to earn a real living teaching yoga.  

Here's What I Cover in the 75-Min Audio File

  • How to approach studio owners, and how 99% of new teachers do this the wrong way
  • How to sell yourself to studio owners, businesses or private clients and make it look like you have experience, even if you don't [I include a PDF Swipe File of the exact emails and phrases I've used to land jobs so you can use them too]
  • How much to charge for privates & corporates
  • How much to expect to get paid from studios [I give real life examples of anonymized studios I've worked at]
  • How to promote yourself and fill your classes, both online and in the community
  • How to make sure students connect with you and want to come back for more [I won't guarantee *everyone* but these strategies work for most people]
  • How to decide if it's "worth it” to teach at certain studios [hint: it's not just about money and how much they pay]
  • How to "strategically" sub classes – when to sub, how often to sub, and more
  • How I ended up teaching at Google, and how you can leverage your network to grow your new yoga career
  • Why it's OK for someone to hate your class, and what to do if this happens
  • How to convince studio owners to give you a shot, even when all your attempts have failed

Value $157


Online Game Plan

Value $197

Are you selling anything online? 

Or are you just promoting your in-person retreats, worksops and events? 

Either way, I'll outline a strategy for you and cover:

  • Why you don't need a website - nope! You need this other thing instead
  • What email marketing is and how it powers your whole yoga business
  • How to use social media effectively so it makes you money, instead of being a waste of time

This succinct audio is the product of over 3 years of me, learning from my own mistakes and over 10K in trainings I myself have invested in with the best online marketers out there. I took what I learned and tweaked it, so it's ideal for yoga. 

Social Media Masterclasses

A look at everything I'm doing on Facebook right now and why:

  • Why Facebook Pages are OVER - do this instead
  • My posting scheduling for maximum reach
  • How I repurpose that content on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram 

This training is a video screenshare, so you can see exactly what I do each day, in what order, with all my best practices.

Value $97

Value $97

Instagram is *HUGE* for yoga. Yet I struggled for a long time before finally figuring out what worked.  

  • How to use Instagram to build your email list
  • How to create a follow-worthy profile
  • How to get regrammed and interact with brands for more followers and exposure

This screenshare training is hot off the press, full of things I'm implementing right now myself!


Technical Trainings Plus

$656 value

All 6 together if you order now for $297

Price is only guaranteed for 48-Hours

"Just got my Sequencing Master Class and Find your Voice classes from Brett! So far I have listened to Find Your Voice class and it is AWESOME! Has the best information for new teachers, Brett, you are the best! There is so much information and knowledge in that class for teachers, it is amazing!"

- Becky H.

"Scored my first studio teachings slots and now a manager at Equinox. Thanks for being the ultimate friend on the yoga journey, Brett!"

- Jaime Y.


Prices Expire in 48-Hours

Why is the price guaranteed for only 48-hours?

I'm constantly adding onto these courses and making them better and better with new material, almost on a weekly basis. Also, I want to motivate and reward people who jump in and take action with me by offering a Fast Action discount. 

I've not yet taken my teacher training yet - should I still do these courses?

YES! OMG please do. Everyhing I cover is totally different from what you'll learn in YTT, which is purely about the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga. Think of my material like Yoga Teacher Training Business School. It's your Yoga-MBA. It's never too soon to start improving your sequencing, brand, voice and online presence. The sooner you get started, the better. And if you do this before your yoga teacher training you're ahead of 99% of people. 

I'm a different type of health professional or business: are these courses still good for me? 

The Sequencing and Find Your Voice Masterclass are puely about yoga. However, the online trainings can be applied to other types of businesses. Keep in mind, I specialize in health and wellness digital products primarily for for women. What I teach is optimized around this. If what you're doing or selling fits in with any of these categories, you're likely a good fit. You can pay for a one-hour online business consult with me to talk specifically about your business if you're not sure.