SmartMat: What is the “Siri” Talking Yoga Mat !?

SmartMat: What is the “Siri” Talking Yoga Mat !?

SmartMat Yoga Mat Review in 4 Minutes

SmartMat is the new “siri” of yoga mats experiencing tons of success on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo right now. Find out what this smart yoga mat that tracks your movements with real time feedback is all about in this quick 4 minute video.

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SmartMat Yoga Review Transcription

Hi, I’m Brett Larkin. This is Yoga and Meditation TV. Today, we’re talking about the “Siri” of yoga mats, the first yoga mat that actually talks to you throughout your yoga practice.

talking yoga mat

My fascination with this started when I started getting bombarded with Facebook ads for this responsive “Siri” of yoga mats that would talk to me throughout my practice. Here’s what I’ve learned: this is a yoga mat that actually has a layer of sensors within it that can detect movement, and give you real-time feedback through either your tablet or smart phone, on how you’re doing. For example, press more into the left palm, or press more into your back foot. It is such a cool concept, and very “Sci Fi” and futuristic.


The engineer behind this mat and the company has exceeded their IndieGoGo crowdfunding campiagn for building this mat. At the time this video was filmed, they have raised over $60,000 more than they had actually needed to, to make this happen. So it’s definitely something that yogis are resonating with, and purchasing.

The founders behind this mat definitely seem very technical, very geeky in a cool way. The video switches between them talking about the technology, and a basically naked yoga teacher in black lingerie, doing yoga, demonstrating the mat.

smartmat woman teacher


A couple of things that are iterated throughout the video and the text on the page is that yoga teachers no longer give people hands-on instructions, yoga privates are expensive, and this is like having your own personal yoga coach who knows exactly how you’re moving and can give you real-time feedback.

So there are so many elements of this that are very cool. A yoga mat with sensors is such an awesome idea. I used to work on both Wii and Kinect fitness products for one of the largest video game companies in the world, so I love combining technology and movement.

There’s also a side of this that is very creepy, as the voice that talks to you as you’re doing yoga really does sound like Siri. It sounds like a robot, she gives you a score at the end of your workout; these things seem very “non-yoga.” Even just the idea of using a tablet or phone as you’re doing your yoga practice, and having a robot voice talk to you and give you a grade at the end, all seems pretty strange. So it’s this really interesting fusion of technology, Siri, and yoga.

smart mat example

Having checked it out, I would love to review the product more in-depth. I haven’t purchased a mat, or donated to the campaign, I don’t think I’m their exact target demographic, being a yoga teacher myself – I think it’s more targeted at beginners, or people who are trying to get into yoga, and are somewhat “techy” and like doing fitness video games.

I think this product could be vastly improved if the voice was less like a robot, and more like the popular teachers who are on YogaGlo, or people you really want to study with anyway. These kinds of fitness products tend to do way better, and resonate way more, when they have a celebrity license attached, or a celebrity yoga teacher attached. I’m guessing that this is something they are thinking about potentially developing in the future.

If anyone from SmartMat sees this video and wants to give me one to test more in depth, or talk to me more, I am really excited to talk to you, and for all of you watching, yogis, I want to know, what do you think about this product? Is this something that is exciting and awesome? Is it something that is absolutely awful and terrifying, because why is a tablet and phone talking to us while we’re doing yoga? Is this an awesome thing, is this a scary thing, I want to hear from you – leave a comment below.

smart mat what is it

As always, thank you so much for watching. Go to to get my free Yoga for Abs class, and do completely free meditation and yoga classes with me on my YouTube channel. My yoga classes on YouTube are not hooked up to a SmartMat yet, but maybe they will be soon in the future. Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already, and I’ll see you again. for more yoga props, products, reviews, and my online shop with all of my favorite yoga products that I’ve curated just for you. From my heart to yours, Namaste.



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