Meditation Cushions & Yoga Bolsters Review

Meditation Cushions & Yoga Bolsters Review
Meditation Cushions
Meditation Cushions and Yoga Bolsters Review


Thinking of buying meditation cushions or yoga bolsters?

Watch this short video review in which I show you the best ones I’ve found on the market so far.

Click here for a transcript of the video if you prefer to read instead of watch.

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Yoga props can really transform your at-home yoga practice. Yoga blocks are essential! (read my post on that if you haven’t already)

A yoga bolster for restorative poses like goddess pose, child’s pose, and more, offers you so much more support and will make your at-home practice so much more delicious.

It will also allow you to do restorative yoga and yin yoga at home.

Meditation cushions and pillows (also known as zafus) can greatly enhance your meditation practice.

Siting up on a bolster or cushion protects your knees, helps lengthen your spine, and allows you to meditate longer!

And don’t worry, if you don’t know what a zafu or zabuton is, I’ll explain everything about meditation pillows in this video 🙂

So – what will it be? Zafu? Cushion? Bolster? Or nothing? Let me know what you decide in the comments below![optin-monster-shortcode id=”rza1z2wxug-post”]

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Brett Larkin. If you do yoga with me online, you’ll probably already know this. One of the big themes that I’d like to use in all my classes is the mat as a metaphor for our life. So no just doing on the mat, but really bringing yoga and stretching whether it’s yoga in front of the TV or yoga before bed— just bringing into our whole life.

One of the things that make this possible is having a ton of props.

You can literally be practicing all the time if you have enough. I am guilty of owning so many yoga props, so I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of how we can be constantly surrounded by our yoga props and mats to encourage us to be in a yogic state of mind and stretching and doing good stuff for our bodies at all times.

I didn’t think this will ever happen until I discovered Chattra.

Now, this is a relatively new company and as you can see their bolsters and yoga props are just gorgeous. The creator of this company lived in India for a while and she just became captivated and inspired by all the beautiful Indian textile. This company is preserving and putting money into traditional Indian textile making which is a beautiful, beautiful art form. The products are shipped here and in the US they are stuffed with 100% cotton.

Here are two of my favorite bolsters. I love the orange trim and just how bright and vibrant these colors are. I think they look amazing on a black or white sofa just really cheering and light up every room. You never have to put them away. They also sell Zafus and Zafutons. Indian artisans hand black printed all of these covers that you’re seeing.

This Zafu is something you sit on during meditation. It helps keeps your spine really straight. It elevates the pelvis so your knees can point down. This means you can meditate longer because your legs won’t go numb and then you put it on the Zafuton which is this huge big fun pillow and then your knees rest on the Zafuton. They’re color coordinated. You can mix and match different colors. I’ve been using this in my meditation practice. It’s been making it so magical. I love having the height and elevation of sitting up on something.

I used to place my seat on a block when I meditate and then my knees would be lower than my pelvis. It’s so much nicer to have actual cushioning. I love this cushion purple as my favorite color. There’s also these smaller Pranayama bolsters. I love this marigold yellow color. These are just a little slimmer.

I can’t wait to move because I think I want to decorate rooms of my house just around these themes and the yoga props.

If you want to stop hiding your props in the closet and get them out into your living space or on the bed as the way to brighten up the room, I really suggest checking out this company They’re generously offering 15% of all their products for Brett Larkin yoga people so you can use code Larkin15 to get 15% off anything before August 31st.

These make such beautiful gifts or just a great way to spoil yourself and again brighten up your room and apartment with a prop that you’re actually going to want to use because it’s going to be out in the open and you’re going to see it all the time.

If you’re trying to choose between round and oval they are both great. I personally prefer oval in my practice as opposed to round, but it’s a completely personal preference.

Let me know what you think of these props in the comments. I want to hear from you — which one was your favorite of all the ones that you saw if you could get one, what would it be? Be sure to like this video if you enjoyed it. Share it with a friend. Share the discount code and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already.

I’ll see you over at for free yoga classes, products and more from my heart to yours, Namaste.

Watch this video review of meditation cushions and yoga bolsters on Youtube here.

Note: I don’t get compensated for any reviews I write, they’re just my way of sharing with the community.

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Meditation Cushions
Date published: 08/26/2014
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