Easy Yoga for Stress (30-min)

Easy Yoga for Stress (30-min)

Yoga for Stress!

If you are STRESSED OUT this easy 30-minute seated practice is exactly what you need. Enjoyable for experienced yogis and complete beginners.


I suggest having 1 block to prop yourself up. Remember, you can always sit on 2 or 3 big books to prop yourself up if you don’t have a block at home. (Buy blocks I recommend in my shop)

In this yoga class, we explore healing somatic movement principals by making gentle rotations with the body. Don’t worry – it’s easy and there’s no way to do it wrong!!!

Beginner Yogis – this class is ideal if you’ve done 1 or 2 of my other beginner videos and are looking for something soothing, relaxing, on the floor.

Advanced yogis – even though this class is not a complex sequence or hefty workout, it is full of subtle alignment cues and encourages self-exploration/discovery – ideal for the advanced practitioner. If you want a “day off” from a more hardcore practice, or just to soothe and unwind after a busy day, you will love this sequence.

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