Find Your Voice: Teach to Inspire

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  • How to always show up as your highest self when teaching, despite a busy schedule
  • How to create your signature teaching voice and unique style
  • Bonus videos on my favorite hands-on adjustments & teaching to music

Masterclass audio is downloadable, yours to keep.

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Establish your unique voice a teacher. 

Cue in a way that keeps your class together and injury free.

Show up as your highest self as a teacher, even when things in your life are hard.

Yes, you probably just want to get the sequencing masterclass, but there are two partsto teaching a great yoga class. A fantastic sequence is only half the battle. The other, argueably more important part is your VOICE

Are you clear on your message? 

What are you teaching beyond the physcial? Your voice is your most powerful tool as a teacher. Yet speaking in a way that inspires people (or public speaking at all) is out of the realm of comfort for most of us. 

Don’t worry. This is a learned skill. 

I cover how you can: 

  • Find confidence in your voice right now with one simple trick 
  • Cue in a way that students truly *hear* what you’re saying with my special B-V-A method 
  • Embody what you teach – not just by demo-ing poses

I also include a bonus download with tips on my favorite hands-on adjustments.

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