What You Won’t Learn in Yoga Teacher Training


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welcomeIntro (Minute 00:00 – 01:05)
What drove me to make this product? Well, I felt comfortable presenting at board meetings at my old job in tech, but when it came to trying to convince a studio owner to actually let me teach yoga, I felt terrified and clueless. I actually started teaching yoga on Youtube because I was too scared to teach a class with real people. I knew I couldn’t be the only one who felt intimidated by this process. I also felt that teacher trainings don’t talk about the economic realities of teaching yoga full-time and don’t fully prepare students about how to score teaching jobs. I wanted to create a course to “get real” about the business side of yoga. This course does not have any woo-woo, “think-positive” rhetoric. It’s full of step-by-step strategies that worked for me with exact numbers and figures.


approaching yoga studiosMinute 01:06 – 10:29
In this section, I cover how to approach studio owners, and why 99% of new teachers do this the wrong way. This is the strategy I used to get hired into every single one of my teaching positions. (Exact email template I used to score studio teaching jobs is included in the PDF cheat sheet).


Minute 10:39 – 18:27appear experienced

Here, I cover how to make it seem like you have experience, even if you don’t. Most studios don’t want to hire new teachers, they only want to hire teachers who already have some teaching experience. It’s a catch 22. So how do you ever break into the business? This is what worked for me. (Key phrases you can use – without lying – to appear more experienced, included in PDF cheat sheet).


auditionsMinute 18:28 – 22:14

Here, I go over the three different kinds of studio auditions: what to expect and how to prepare.



give best audition

Minute 22:15 – 30:52

In this section, I provide my tips on giving the BEST audition in all these scenarios (plus how to avoid common pitfalls).


subbing tipsMinute 30:53 – 36:33

Here, I give tips on subbing and how to promote yourself to students and fellow teachers.



subbing to permanent Minute 36:34 – 41:43

Here I go over how to transition from subbing to a permanent teaching position at a studio. These are the tactics that worked for me, and I give step-by-step instructions that will work for you.


promotion marketingMinute 41:44 – 56:59

In this section, I talk about how to fill your classes and connect with students. I cover marketing strategies I’ve learned both in the local community and online. Plus I share a bunch of not-so-initiutive tricks that make students connect with you as a teacher that more experienced teachers shared with me when I was starting out. I also cover why it’s OK if someone doesn’t like your class, and how this is actually a good thing that should be part of your yoga teacher strategy. (My “Top 6 Marketing Tips” are also included as a write-up in the PDF cheat sheet).


getting paidMinute 57:00 – 01:03:23

Here, I talk about…you got it – MONEY. “What should I be getting paid?” This was a big question I had when starting out. I explain how the yoga studio industry works and give three real life examples (also itemized in the PDF cheat sheet) so you know exactly what to expect.


strategic subbingMinute 1:03:23 – 01:07:03

Is running around subbing every class you can manage forever worth your time? NO! Here I talk about how to sub strategically for other teachers to boost your own following. This isn’t as intuitive as you might think. I offer a framework which will rapidly increase how quickly you connect with your “tribe” of students.


Minute 01:07:04 – 01:10:40what to charge

How much to charge for privates and corporates was a question I got asked over-and-over again by new yoga teacher friends. Here, I tell you what’s average, what I charge, and upto how much you can charge depending on where you live – all with exact numbers and figures.


getting privatesMinute 01:10:41 – 01:13:52 

After “How much to charge for privates?,” “How can I get more private clients?” was the question I’d get from yoga teacher friends most frequently. In this section, I share the strategies that worked well for me and other teacher friends I interviewed. (In the PDF cheat sheet, I include phrases you can use with prospective clients to let them know about your offering, without feeling pushy or salesy).


teaching fulltime

The Reality about Teaching Fulltime (Minute 01:13:53 – 01:18:26)

The ultimate question: How much can you actually earn per year as a yoga instructor? Here, I break it down, do the math, and answer this question.



How I Taught Yoga at Google – and How You can Use Your Network to Jumpstart your Yoga Career (Minute 01:18:27 – 01:24:33)

Leveraging your previous career and network when you first start teaching yoga is not just smart, it’s essential. However for many of us (and especially for me), this felt extremely uncomfortable and wrong. In this section, I share how I got over this and ended up teaching at places like Google, Pinterest, Live.Lovely and beyond.


workshop pricingWorkshops & Pricing (Minute: 01:24:34 – 01:25:44)

The way you get paid for workshops or special events is different from how you get paid for a normal studio class. Here, I give numbers and percentages on how it works.



final recapRecap and Review: (Minute 01:25:45 – 01:29:53)   An overview of everything covered, plus some special inspiration!



Money-Back Guarantee

This program has a money-back guarantee. If you don’t learn anything new in this program, just let me know through my contact form here within 14 days of purchase, and I’ll give you a full refund.


What exactly am I getting?

5-page PDF-Cheat with the following sections:

  • Follow-Up Email Template (to use with studios)
  • Phrases to Use to Validate Yourself
  • 6 Tips for Marketing
  • Getting Paid – Privates, Corporates, Studios (example studio payments at 4 different studios)
  • Phrases to Use to Get Privates & Corporates

90-min .m4a audio file (no video) ideal for you to listen to on your iPhone/iPod/mobile player. This contains all the chapter markers described above for easy reference so you can jump around in the course (like tracks of a CD).

90-min MP3 audio file (no video) of the same content. For those of you that have trouble playing the .m4a file for whatever reason, the MP3 file is available as back-up. Note the MP3 format does not contain chapters, making it less ideal to navigate from section to section. Although you can always scroll to the correct section.

If I have any download problems or want a refund, what do I do?

Contact me through this form, and I’ll get back to you within 48-hours or sooner.

I’m not a yoga teacher yet, I’m just considering training – should I still take this program?

Yes, as it will offer invaluable insight into life after teacher training and likely help you clarify if you even want to pursue this path, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. Also, stop what you’re doing right now and take my FREE Yoga Teacher Training Tips program. This will help you to know me and offers some really helpful, free advice on deciding if Yoga Teacher Training is right for you.

I’m already a yoga teacher and I’m teaching at studios, but I want to make MORE money. Should I take this course?

Yes, although this course is more specifically designed for new teachers who are not yet teaching in yoga studios.

IDEAL candidates for this course are:

  • Brand new yoga teachers who are fresh out of yoga teacher training and trying to score their first studio teaching gig
  • Fitness instructors already teaching at gyms, dance, bar method or other studios who are looking to teach at yoga studios specifically
  • Prospective yoga teacher trainees who want to learn more about the financial realities of teaching yoga before committing to training
  • Anyone curious about teaching yoga in studios, for fun or as a career, who desires more information on this process

If you’re already successfully teaching in studios, the sections of the course about privates, corporates and online/local marketing will be of interest of you. But be forewarned that some of the course (around 30%) might be info you already know.

How can I pay for the program?

Easily, checkout and pay with Amazon, a credit card or through PayPal. Scroll to the top of the page and click the “Add to Cart” button or click here to buy now.

How soon will I get the audio program and PDF?

Instantly! Right after you complete your purchase, you will be taken to a screen where you can download the PDF Cheat Sheet and Audio Files – it looks like this:
checkout example biz course

The materials will also be sent to you via email. Be sure to check your Promotions tab in gmail and your spam folder if you don’t see the email right away. See here how to look for my messages in your spam. You can always contact me with any problems.


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