Let me teach you how to get a deep abs workout, without straining your neck or shoulders. NO traditional crunches ­čÖé


What's "rent" vs "own"? How do I get the content?
I use a platform that makes my videos watchable on a myriad of technology platforms.
A rental video you can only stream here on the site for 7 days.
A video you choose to “own” you’ll be able to download and keep forever – a download box will pop right after you pay. Pending the product, additional audio files may be emailed to you, so you get both a video and an audio file.
The following list clarifies which technology has been tested and is known to be compatible with my videos:

  • Desktop/Laptop (streaming & owning)
  • iPhone/iPod Touch (streaming & owning)
  • iPad (streaming & owning)
  • Android Smartphones (in-browser streaming supported on version 4.3 and up)
  • Android Tablets (in-browser streaming supported on version 4.3 and up)
  • Apple TV (streaming via AirPlay from a networked iOS/compatible device)
  • ChromeCast (streaming from a networked computer using the Chromecast browser extension)
  • Amazon Kindle (owning only, otherwise buying and transferring downloaded files onto the Kindle from another device works)
  • Blackberry (if you still use one, in-browser purchasing is supported, but playback is not)
  • Xbox 360/Xbox One (file download and transfer)
  • Playstation 3/Playstation 4 (file download and transfer)
  • SmartTV Systems (streaming and playback supported by most SmartTV web browsers)
What payment methods do you support?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. I do not support Paypal payments for product purchase, although you can donate via Paypal. If Paypal is the only way you can pay contact me [email protected] and we can resolve. Note: in purchasing you become a member and can opt to have you credit card info saved, so you’ll only ever need to enter it once.

All payments accepted and sent are in United States Dollars (USD$

What if I don't recieve my files or something goes wrong?

Email [email protected] and you’ll get a response in 24 hours. We’ll resend you the files or issue a refund if needed.

I really enjoyed your Abs Class. I am often acually always lazy when it comes to Abs but I found this very effetive and dare I say enjoyable!! Kim B