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Always Be Stretching “Yoga Hacks” Course for Busy People


PRICE INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING IN USA => Get the props shipped to you, 6 full body stretching routines videos, 3 bonus videos and more! International shipping is a $30 fee. Add this item to your cart before checking out if you live outside the USA. 

In the kit:

  • 2 unfilled yoga sandbags with instructions on how to fill, Value = $22
  • 2 yoga blocks, exact ones I use, Value = $26
  • 1 Cranio Cradle, Value = $36
  • 1 Pelvic Block, Value = $16
  • 1 Myofascial Release Ball (comes fully pumped), Value = $19
  • 1 Nama Meditation Cream, Value = $10

$129 Value in Kit of Physical Products => Spend over $150 if you include, tax and shipping from acquiring these products from the five different vendors who sell them + the cost of a $10 pump to inflate your ball. Also comes with 19 videos ($100 value) for you to own as well!

Only 2 left in stock (also available on backorder)

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Product Description

In pre-ordering, you’ll immediately receive the 3 bonus audio files. The first round of this course SOLD OUT. You will get a confirmation email once your props are shipped.

Shipping times will vary based on where you live. All shipping is free in the USA. International shipping must be bought as a separate item HERE and requires a $30 fee.


What level is this course for? Is it OK if I’m a beginner at yoga?

All levels! I know that sounds strange but remember, this isn’t typical yoga classes like the ones on my Youtube channel. We’re going much deeper here. I’m showing you fun ways you can use all the props to hack stretching into your daily routine like I do (anyone of every level can do this). The 6 never-before-seen classes that are included are primarily self-myofascial release and deep stretching routines accessible to anyone who can lie down on the floor. Look at “Lazy Yoga Sequence” on Youtube for an idea of what I mean here.

What if I’m really stiff?

Then you really need this course…I teach you how to “always be stretching.” It’s this kind of constant, passive stretching built-in to your day-to-day routines (instead of something extra you have to do) that will get you results.

When do I get the props?

The first round of props SOLD OUT. If you order before 12pm, your props will likely ship same day. You’ll get them in 3 – 4 days within the US. 7 – 10 days internationally.

When do I get the videos?

Immediately! As soon as you place your oder.

What if I have an injury?

I’ll be addressing how to tackle common injuries like low back pain, tight shoulders and hip pain in these videos. Injuries usually require personalized attention. Try to be one of the first 15 buyers so you can do a free private consult with me so we can address your injury together ==> this has since SOLD OUT, but I’m adding a group call for the July group to address any questions you may have.


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